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Dr. Jane Richards is a chiropractic physician and artist.  She has recently been on sabbatical from her chiropractic practice, focusing on fiber art.

Dr. Jane has returned to practice.  She will continue to use a combination of the techniques listed here for the unique needs of each patient.



174 Eastview Ave, Crystal Lake, IL

By appointment call Jane at 847-525-4569
Why: Because I want to see you!

The Doctor's Approach

Dr. Jane Richards' goal is to help her patients achieve balance   in their physical body, emotions and body chemistry. She accomplishes this goal by listening to her patients, learning about them and helping to discover solutions to their pain or problems using the following techniques: 

  Chiropractic Therapy
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
Allergy Testing and Desensitizing
Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)
Essential Oils / Aroma Therapy
Hormone Testing
Hair Analysis
Feng Shui
Electronic mail
Dr. Jane Richards: janerichards399@gmail.com


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