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Feng Shui is another Oriental art and science that is closely related to acupuncture. Itís a way of increasing the energy flow and healing potential of the spaces that we live in. Feng Shui is done to homes, offices and outdoor areas by placing objects, colors and symbols to make a space feel better to be in.

The first thing a Feng Shui consultation will do is divide a floor plan of your home into a grid that looks like a tic-tac-toe game. By aligning the grid with the entrance to the space, each square is labeled as an area of life energy. For example, the entrance is usually labeled as the life path, or career area of the space. By using the correct colors, symbols and placement, the Feng Shui consultant can help you to have more energy in the career area of your life.

Other life areas that are considered by Feng Shui are self-knowledge, family ancestors, health, wealth and fortune, fame and reputation, intimacy and marriage, creativity and children, helpful people and travel. When a person has problems in one of these area, it can mean that energy is blocked in that space in some way. An energy blockage in your living or workspace can cause a corresponding blockage to energy in your body that can exacerbate health problems. Life problems in any of these areas can by addressed by a Feng Shui consultation.


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