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Essential Oils (Aroma Therapy)

Essential oils are pure oils extracted from plants, and are the most powerful parts of a plant.  They have been used medicinally to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Their exquisite fragrances have been used to balance mood, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions, and create a romantic atmosphere. 

They can stimulate the regeneration of tissues or stimulate nerves, They can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. 

It is possible that essential oils may take an increasingly important role in combating new mutations of bacteria, viruses and fungi for which we havenít yet found effective medical treatments.  More researchers are undertaking serious clinical studies on the use of essential oils to combat these diseases.  

Essential oils can be administered in several ways.  Applying oils to the skin can be effective in treating both external and internal physical complaints such as sores, wounds, muscle pain or injury, spinal problems, and skin conditions.  Inhalation of certain oils may be used to increase oxygenation and stimulation of the brain which can effect both emotions and the physical functioning of the body.  Some oils can be taken internally for things like digestive problems.  A combination of applications my also be used.  For example, peppermint oil may be applied over the abdomen, as well as taken internally and inhaled, for digestive complaints.  

Essential oil applications have been shown by research to magnify the benefits of acupuncture  by applying oil to the skin before needles are inserted  The use of essentials oils on tight muscles can make a chiropractic adjustment more effective.  Emotional issues can be cleared more efficiently by using oils that are specific for the emotions involved.


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