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The most effective way to find out if you have any mineral deficiencies is to do a hair analysis. The hair is body tissue, and, as such, it has the same levels of minerals as the rest of the tissues in your body. The levels of mineral found in your blood is not as accurate because the tissues have to absorb minerals from the blood before they can be used by the body. Just because you have minerals in your blood doesnít mean they will ever get into your tissues and be used.

Most people think that if they have a calcium deficiency, as found in osteoporosis, that taking large doses of calcium will fix it. That usually DOES NOT work. Calcium is only absorbed by the body in the presence of other minerals like magnesium , potassium and zinc. A deficiency in one of those may be what Needs to be fixed in order for the calcium deficiency to go away.

By having you collect a small amount of hair from close to the scalp we can get an accurate assessment of what minerals are out of balance, and develop a customized program of supplementation specifically for you. Itís quick, simple and non-invasive. We give you a kit with instructions for how to collect the hair, and how much is needed. The hair is sent to a lab, and they send us a detailed report. From this report we make recommendations for mineral supplementation. The minerals we recommend are nutritional supplements and will never cause side-effects like the prescription ones that are commonly prescribed now for osteopenia or osteoporosis.


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