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Chiropractic therapy is a way of physically aligning the joints of the spine and other skeletal joints so that they function more smoothly. Skeletal joints are where two bones come together so that the body can bend and move. As with any moving parts, sometimes the joints get misaligned with each other and interrupt the smooth movements of the body. This can cause quite a lot of pain initially, and, over time, can cause the wearing and degeneration of the bone surfaces.

Misalignment in the spinal joints, especially, can cause swelling and pain in the nerves as they come off of the spinal cord . This is because the spinal cord is contained in the hollow portion of the spine itself, and the nerves exit from the spinal cord through openings in the area of each spinal joint. If the joint is malfunctioning, there is a good chance it can cause the nerve next to it to malfunction, too. When the nerve tissue is irritated, the nerves can’t do the job of carrying impulses to and from the body’s organs, muscles and skin surfaces. The result is pain and/or numbness at the skin surface, pain or aching in the muscles, and a decrease in the functioning of the internal organs which are stimulated to do their jobs by the nerves that connect to them.

Chiropractic therapy gently and quickly re-aligns the joints of the spine, and other joints in the body’s skeleton, so that the bones are able to move in a natural way without causing irritation to the nerves, muscles and other tissues around them. When all is working normally, the body has a great capacity to heal itself. Pain and malfunction will be reversed and the body will return to normal.


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