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CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis)  is a method of finding and balancing the bodyís structural, nutritional and energy needs.  Using points on the body, a doctor trained in CRA can tell if there are deficiencies and what the body needs to correct itself.  If you suspect you have nutritional deficiencies or other imbalances, this is for you.  The procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes to do.  It may reveal that you need chiropractic adjustments, vitamins, shoe orthotics, or simply to get a new pair of shoes among other things.  The first time it may reveal a lot of deficiencies, but usually treating just one or two of them will clear the rest up.  We go back and recheck on your next visit. 

When you need vitamins for your symptoms, it can take a month or two for you to feel back to normal, but usually youíll see improvement right along.   CRA works for all ages of people, from infants to the elderly.  It involves testing a strong muscle while touching reflex points on the body.   

If a strong muscle goes weak while also touching a reflex point, thatís an indication of a deficiency of some kind.  If itís not possible to do muscle testing on the patient, like for example if itís an infant or someone who canít use their arms, then we can muscle test another person as long as they are touching the patient.


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