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Allergy Testing and Desensitization 

A personís sensitivities to foods, chemical and other substances can be tested without the use of painful injections. Simply placing an allergy-causing substance on someoneís body can change a strong arm muscle to weak.  A substance that doesnít affect the person will not change the muscle strength. 

Many people have allergic or sensitivity reactions to a variety of foods, plants and environmental pollutants. Allergic reactions can be almost as varied as the substances that cause them. The most common symptoms of allergies are sinus congestion, watery eyes, scratchy throat, skin rashes, ear infections, stomach upset, among others.

We use muscle testing with an allergy kit or suspected items that you bring from home. An allergen that causes you a reaction will cause a strong muscle to go weak when placed against your body (in a glass container or a plastic bag), or under your tongue (if itís an edible thing). Once we determine what youíre sensitive to, we can then desensitize you to the substance. Itís a simple process and very quick. Points on your spine are tapped while you hold the substance against your body while holding a homeopathic remedy under your tongue. The homeopathic remedy is then taken daily for two weeks, and the allergen is avoided for twenty- four hours. After that time period the sensitivity reaction is usually gone.


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