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My medium is fabric which I enhance by shaping, then adding beads or sequins, paint or perhaps transferred images.  I use fabric to make beautiful, meaningful and useful items for personal or home décor.   These items include one-of-a-kind quilts, scarves, cover-ups and jewelry.

I have been interested in fabric since I was a teenager, and through the years I have honed my skills by creating and sewing fashionable clothing for myself and others.  Along the way I learned the importance of color and pattern, as well as the necessity of producing a well-executed finished product.  My process has led me to add unique personal items and home accessories to my sewing creations.

My current work is threefold.  I produce one-of-a-kind quilts from a combination of traditional patterns and my imagination.  I paint and transfer images onto silk to use as accessories such as scarves and cover-ups.  Also, I collect, paint, enhance and wire-wrap beach stones for use as jewelry. 

In all of my work, I use color, images and symbolism with the hope of lifting spirits and providing a note of joy to my supporters and collectors.


Jane's work can be seen upon request


Night Birds

Jane's T-Shirts

Dragon Dreams

Garden Cranes



The Captain's Vacation Quilt
(back side) 

The Captain's Vacation Quilt
(front  side) 


Cody's Pack


Dragonfly on Mums


Ciuda Lagui

Zodiac I  Quilt


Zodiac II Quilt

Signos Zodiacales Pares y Impares  




The Bear, Prosperity
and Good Health

Eyes on a Bright Horizon


Following is a collection of Silk Handkerchiefs   

Good Fortune Silk Handkerchief   


Watching Over the City Silk Handkerchief

     Dark Blue Iris
   Silk Handkerchief 

Purple Iris
Silk Handkerchief




Following is a collection
Silk Long Scarves


Multiple Beings Long Silk Scarf

Serpent and Egg Long Silk Scarf  

Moving Crop Circles Square Silk Scarf  


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